Texas Roll-Off Tournament (TROT) is a USBC certified tournament, open to men and women by invitation only. The Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse any application.

Space is limited to 54 teams/216 bowlers. Team will consist of four (4) members, in any combination of men and women. TROT accepts partial team entries as long as they can be accommodated. 

The concourse and lanes of Forum Bowl are smoke-free.  No outside food or drinks are allowed in the bowling center.  This will be strictly enforced.

TROT Directors reserve the right to dismiss and/or disqualify any bowler, at any time during the tournament. If a bowler is dismissed or disqualified, NO REFUND will be given.

All decisions of the Tournament Directors are final.

Averages, Handicap, & Entries

Entering Average:

  • Bowlers will use a combined (21 game minimum) standard composite average of:
    • USBC 2019-2020 Standard Composite Average;
    • IGBO Tournament Average for January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.
  • If a bowler has no USBC 2019-2020 average, and no IGBO Tournament Average, the bowler must use an average calculated in the order listed below:
  • A composite of all current USBC certified league averages as of January 1, 2021, provided that a minimum of 21 games have been bowled across all leagues. It is the bowler’s responsibility to provide standings sheets (signed by a league officer), or information to retrieve them online, for ALL leagues bowled as of January 1, 20201.
  • USBC 2018-2019 Standard Composite Average (minimum of 21 games).
  • If none of the above averages are available, then the bowler will use a 235 average for the tournament.
  • PBA/PWBA/Team USA members will use a minimum average of 206.
  • Only 10-pin averages will be used.
  • It is the bowler’s responsibility to supply complete and accurate information.
  • Per USBC Rule 319a, item 2: When the previous season’s average is used, and at the time of bowling an entrant has a current average for 21 or more games that is 10 pins or more higher than the prior season’s average, the current average must be used.
  • Per USBC Rule 319a, item 3: Bowlers are responsible for verifying his/her own average, whether submitted by the bowler, the team captain or others. If the submitted average is lower than required and results in a lower classification or more handicap, the bowler’s score is disqualified. If the submitted average is higher than required, prize winnings will be based on the submitted average. In the case of a team of two or more bowlers, the averages will be combined to determine if the correct total is higher or lower than the submitted total.
  • Per USBC Rule 319c: The average of a bowler may be adjusted upward before participation in any event. If the assigned average is not accepted by the bowler, the entry fee shall be refunded.
    Unless the tournament rules state otherwise, in a handicap or classified tournament, a bowler who has had his/her average adjusted/rerated in accordance with this rule is required to report all previous assigned average adjustments/rerates, whether the bowler accepted the adjustment/rerate or not, at the time of bowling.
  • If you have any questions regarding the USBC rules related to averages for tournaments (Rule 319), you can find the current USBC Playing Rules at https://www.bowl.com/Rules/Rules_Home/USBC_Playing_Rules/.
  • Tournament Average relief can only be considered under USBC General Playing Rules 4e.


  • A bowler’s handicap for TROT will be set at 90% of the difference between the bowler’s scratch entering average and 235, rounded down. Negative handicap will not apply.

    Other Entry Rules

  • Only one entry per bowler per event in Singles, Doubles, and Team.
  • Doubles partnerships must come from the same team.
  • Check-in time for all events is thirty (30) minutes prior to the starting time. Late bowlers will begin in the frame in which they are ready to begin bowling. A zero (0) score will be entered for each frame missed.


  • Entrants must be a member of USBC, and provide proof of membership and certification number with their entry. Non-members may pay a Participation Fee of $5.00 to participate (USBC Rule 301b).
  • Entrants must be a member of an IGBO Member League, or current IGBO Associate Member. If not already an IGBO member, entrant must apply for Associate Membership, and pay the $25.00 IGBO fee prior to bowling.
  • Only one (1) PBA/PWBA/Team USA member is allowed per team.
  • Substitutes will be allowed to participate at the Tournament Director’s discretion.

Fees & Registration Requirements


  • The tournament entry fee is $110.00 per bowler. That fee is broken down as follows:
    • Prize Fund - $60.00
    • Lineage - $22.50
    • Tournament Expenses - $26.75
    • IGBO Donation - $0.75
  • Tournament expenses include the banquet, lunch on Saturday, and other costs of running the tournament.
  • There is an Early Entry Discount of $10.00 for entrants that have registered, and paid, prior to 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. The discount comes out of the Tournament Expense.
  • Online payment of fees is available by credit card, or electronic bank withdrawal, via PayPal.
  • All entry fees, including cash payments, must be paid in full by the official entry deadline (see below), and will not be refunded except at the Tournament Director’s discretion.
  • The Prize Fund will be returned 100%.

Registration Requirements

  • ONLY online registrations will be accepted.
  • Entries received on or before 11:59pm CST Wednesday, January 20, 2021 and paid in full will receive the Early Entry Discount listed above. Entries received, or paid for, after January 20, 20201 will be charged at the full rate.

The official deadline for entries is 11:59pm CST, Tuesday, February 5, 2021.

Tournament Dates & Locations

Dates & Times

  • The tournament will run February 12th, 13th, & 14th, 2021.
  • There will be no 9 pin event on Friday night.
  • Start time is 10am CST on both Saturday and Sunday.


  • All bowling events will be held at Forum Bowl, 2001 South Great Southwest Parkway, Grand Prairie, Texas, 75051. Their phone number is 972-641-4406.
  • The banquet will NOT be held this year.

Tournament Prize Fund

  • The payout ratio for the Singles, Doubles, and Team events will be 1 in 8.
  • The payout for Individual All Events will be the top three positions.
  • Due to COVID-19, we will not be having a banquet in 2021. All payouts will be made in accordance with USBC requirements.
  • We will be asking for payment preferences in regards to check or electronic payment services during check-in.

Optional Events & Fees

Mace Adams Scratch Shootout

  • Entry fee for this optional event is based on average divisions as follows:
    • Division A - $20.00 – Averages 145 and below
    • Division B - $25.00 – Averages 146 to 165
    • Division C - $30.00 – Averages 166 to 185
    • Division D - $40.00 – Averages 186 to 205
    • Division E - $50.00 – Averages 206 and above
  • All PBA/PWBA/Team USA members will be classified in Division E.
  • Scratch Shootout qualifying will be based on the bowler’s scratch scores (without handicap) bowled during the Singles, Doubles, and Team events. 
  • The top eight (8) entrants in each division will advance to the Scratch Shootout competition on Sunday, February 14th. We will begin shortly after the lanes are re-dressed after Team.
  • Qualifiers must be present for a Scratch Shootout meeting at 1:30pm, or other announced time, on Sunday, to go over the rules, and lane assignments. Anyone not present for the meeting will lose their spot, and the next highest scoring available entrant from the division will bowl.
  • In the event of a tie for the final qualifying spot, the spot will be awarded to whichever of the bowlers involved in the tie that had the highest three game series. If a tie still exists, the next tiebreaker is the second highest series. If the tie remains, the bowlers involved will bowl a one game roll-off to determine which bowler moves on to the Scratch Shootout competition.
  • The Mace Adams Scratch Shootout will consist of a maximum of four (4) games, bowled across three (3) pairs of lanes.
  • All of the competitors in each division will bowl in game one on the first pair of lanes for the division. 
  • At the end of each game, the two competitors with the lowest scratch scores are eliminated.
  • In the event that two, or more, participants tie for the final place(s) moving on to the next round of the Scratch Shootout, the bowlers involved in the tie will bowl a 9th and 10th-frame roll-off to determine who moves on. If there is still a tie, the 9th and 10th-frame roll-off will be repeated until the tie is broken.
  • The remaining bowlers move to a new pair of lanes, and bowl a new game.
  • Once a division is down to the final two bowlers, the bowler with the highest score in the game just completed will have the right to decide which pair of lanes assigned to the division they want to bowl on, and whether they want to bowl first, or second, during the championship game.
  • The championship game will be bowled Pro-style, with the bowler going first bowling one frame starting on the left lane. The second bowler then bowls two frames starting on the right. They then alternate bowling two frames at a time.
  • At the beginning of the Scratch Shootout, all qualifiers will have 10 minutes of practice across all of the lanes being used by their division.
  • Any bowler that quits in the middle of a game, for reasons other than illness, or injury, forfeits any winnings from the Scratch Shootout.

Optional Scratch

  • The entry fee for this optional event is $20.00.
  • This event uses the same average divisions as the Mace Adams Scratch Shootout.
  • This event uses the scratch scores from all games bowled during the Singles, Doubles, and Team events.
  • Payout will be awarded for High Scratch Game, High Scratch Series, and High Scratch All-Events for each division.
  • Payout ratio will be no less than 1 in 8, and will payout 100% of the entry fees.

Best 3 of 9

  • The entry fee for this optional event is $10.00.
  • This event uses the bowlers highest three (3) handicap games bowled during any of the Singles, Doubles, or Team events.
  • Payout ratio will be no less than 1 in 5, and will payout 100% of the entry fees.

Mystery Score

  • The entry fee for this optional event is $10.00.
  • This event applies to games 1 and 2 of each of the Singles, Doubles, and Team events.
  • The last two (2) digits of a score will be randomly generated, and the prize money will be split between all of the entrants with a matching score. We will continue this process until someone wins each game.

Brackets & Mega-Brackets

  • We will have individual scratch and handicap brackets during the Singles, Doubles, and Team events. Entries will be taken immediately before each event.
  • We will have team handicap brackets during the Team event.
  • We will have 64-bowler/6-game Mega-brackets during the Singles and Doubles events.
    Mega-brackets entries must be purchased in the registration room before bowling begins.

It is the bowler’s responsibility to ensure that their bracket entry is accurate. No refunds will be given for mistakes made on the bracket entry forms. Our volunteers will do their best to sanity check entry forms as they take your entries, but are not responsible for your mistakes.